Potato Tom (New Zealand Only)

Potato Tom

Introducing a World First! The Incredible Edibles team have grafted a tomato onto a potato to get two vegetables from the one plant!

Tomatoes belong to the Potato family and so are naturally compatible with them. The idea of grafting a tomato onto a potato to get two vegetables from the one plant is not a new idea. It simply has never been commercialised before and of course it is a great use of space, especially for people with small gardens or just a patio.

‘Is it a potato or a tomato’? The POTATO TOM™ is a Gardeners Delight tomato with ‘benefits’! Grow your Potato Tom just like a tomato either in a pot or in your vege patch with your other tomatoes. Reap the additional benefits in late summer with a crop of delicious Agria potatoes which will be growing under your Tomato. As the crop of tomatoes grows and is harvested the Agria potatoes are developing below. Once the tomatoes have finished, simply dig out and harvest the potatoes.

Gardener's Delight Tomato
A vigorous tomato producing lots of clusters of sweet, bite sized, red cherry tomatoes. Ideal for salads and snacks, an easily grown no fuss variety producing lots of tomatoes over a long season.

Agria Potato
The potato and roots of this plant combo is the variety Agria. New Zealand’s favourite potato, Agria is a very versatile potato with excellent flavour. Great for cooking it provides medium to large yellow skinned, deep yellow fleshed tubers.

Click here to see a UK Youtube video on Potato Toms

UPDATE 14 October 2014 We have plants instore today!